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Summer Buying & Selling Tips

Thinking of buying or selling this summer? Stay ahead of the market with our exclusive insights. We've compiled essential tips and strategies to help you navigate the summer market with confidence!
1. Act Quickly: The summer market moves fast due to high buyer activity. Prepare to make decisions swiftly to avoid missing out on your property.
2. Secure Financing Early: Having your mortgage pre-approval sets you apart and speeds up the transaction process.
3. Consider Seasonal Trends: Understand that summer might offer more inventory but also more competition; plan your strategy accordingly.
4. Network for Off-Market Listings: Sometimes the best properties sell before they're officially listed. Work with your REALTOR® to find these gems.
5. Utilize Virtual Tours: With schedules being busy, use online tours to pre-screen homes and focus your in-person visits on top contenders.
6. Visit Properties at Different Times: Experience properties in various lighting and traffic conditions.
7. Assess Cooling Systems: Check the effectiveness of the air conditioning and other cooling systems during viewings, which are crucial for summer comfort.
8. Regularly Check for New Listings: With sellers more inclined to list during summer for better curb appeal, make it a habit to check new listings.
1. Price Competitively: Understand local market trends for the summer and price your home to attract immediate interest, avoiding the post-summer slowdown.
2. Stage Your Home for the Season: Decorate with summer themes and colors to appeal to buyers’ seasonal mood.
3. Boost Curb Appeal: Summer is perfect for showcasing your outdoor spaces. Regular maintenance and colorful plants can make a significant first impression.
4. Schedule Photography on Sunny Days: Take advantage of natural lighting to highlight the airy and bright qualities of your home with professional photos.
5. Promote Outdoor Living Spaces: Emphasize patios, decks, and any outdoor entertainment areas, as these are highly desirable during the summer months.
6. Ensure Your Home is Comfortable During Showings: Keep your home cool and inviting with air conditioning and fans during showings to create a pleasant viewing experience.
7. Be Flexible with Showings: More accessibility can lead to faster offers.
8. Offer Flexible Terms: Be open to negotiation on terms like closing dates or included appliances to make the deal more attractive.

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