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Winter Vehicle Preparation Tips

To help you prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season, we've distilled the essentials into 6 tips. Whether you're a daily commuter or planning a winter road trip, it's important to ensure your vehicle is ready for the icy roads ahead!
Check Your Tires
Ensure you have winter tires with proper inflation and sufficient tread depth for improved traction.
Fluids & Antifreeze
Keep your vehicle's fluids at the right levels and use winter-appropriate antifreeze to prevent freezing.
Battery Health
Check your battery's charge and condition, as cold weather can be hard on it.
Brake Inspection
Ensure your brakes are in good condition, as they are crucial for safe winter driving.
Heating & Defrosting System
Make sure your heating and defrosting systems work correctly for comfort and visibility.
Emergency Kit
Prepare an emergency kit with essentials like a flashlight, blankets, snacks, first-aid supplies, and basic tools for unexpected situations during winter drives.

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