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Our Favorite Wine + Cheese Pairings

Even though it is a centuries-old tradition, matching cheese and wine together can still be a challenging and intimidating task. If done correctly, a perfect match can be an exquisite experience. Every detail in making the pairing needs to be considered. Here are some of our favorites pairings for you to try!
Pinot Noir + Gouda
Pinot Noir has hints of cherry and blueberry in it and a lighter wine. It strongly complemented the salty, harsh yet subtly fruity taste of the Gruyere.
Pinot Noir also pairs well with camembert, fontina, and swiss.
Pinot Noirs we love:
Riesling & Blue
A sweet riesling pairs excellent with salty or creamy cheeses such as blue cheese. The acidity of this wine accentuates a cheese’s saltiness and also cuts through its fattiness.
Riesling also pairs well with aged gouda, feta, and parmigiano reggiano.
Rieslings we love:
Chardonnay + Brie
The acidity of Chardonnay helps to cleanse the palate, keeping the richness of Brie cheese from becoming too overwhelming. The wine also has enough body to match the creaminess of the cheese, making them ideal partners.
Chardonnay also pairs well with goat cheese, parmesan, and provolone.
Chardonnays we love:
Cabernet Sauvignon + Sharp White Cheddar
Cabernet Sauvignon has hints of herbs and dark fruits. When paired with the extra sharp cheddar, the red wine draws out the bold cheddar flavors of this strong cheese.
Cabernet Sauvignon also pairs well with gorgonzola, gouda, and gruyere
Cabernet Sauvignons we love:
Pinot grigio + Mozzarella
Pinot grigio, or pinot gris, originally hails from the Alsace region of France. Sweet, rich, and slightly spicy, this dry wine pairs well with creamier cheese varieties. We think it’s très belle with some fresh ‘ella. Mozzarella, that is.
Pinot Grigio's also pairs well with ricotta, feta, and mild cheddar
Pinot grigios we love:

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