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Here is a List of Ways to Prepare in the Event a Wildfire in Colorado

As wildfire season grows longer and more catastrophic, experts say to map evacuation routes and gather emergency supplies!
The Marshall fire, which forced thousands to flee as flames raced across 6,000 acres in the matter of hours, offered a window into what has become a new reality for many parts of Colorado.
Even if you don’t live in a community directly adjacent to forestland, embers can travel through the air, move rapidly and travel great distances, especially when fueled by intense winds.
Here is a list of ways to prepare in the event a wildfire in Colorado:
Before the Fire
  • Assemble an emergency kit.
  • Keep important documents together.
  • Know how you will communicate with your family.
  • Know your escape routes
  • Set up homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  • Make an inventory of your home.
  • Create a digital backup of photos.
  • Have a plan for your pets and animals.
  • Know the risk of wildfire where you live.
As the fire approaches
  • If there’s time, move flammable items like propane tanks, brush and wood piles at least 30 feet away from your home. Shut off the gas at the meter and turn off the air-conditioning. Shut windows and doors, but leave them unlocked so firefighters can get in after you evacuate.
  • Remove flammable drapes and curtains.
  • Listen or read the local news for updated emergency information
  • Place valuable documents and mementos inside the car.
When you decide to leave
  • Don’t wait for an evacuation order to leave. If you feel unsafe, go. Consider traffic jams if you live in a densely populated area.
  • Grab your go-bag and if there is time, your most important belongings, including personal documents, family keepsakes, cell phones and chargers.
“There’s just a lot of dead stuff out there that’s going to go up in flames very quickly and burn, and then you add wind, and you know the outcome,” Meteorologist Chis Tomer said. ’ember storm’
Fire officials warn that even if flames are not immediately close to your home, the danger can carry for miles. Stay Safe & Be prepared! Click here for a full detailed checklist of how to prepare for wildfires and evacuations.

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