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At Madison & Company Properties, we strive to make real estate a career, not a job or hobby. We want professional brokers who are willing to live out their passion for real estate, serving their customers and mastering their craft. At Madison & Company Properties, we have the ability to serve all the real estate needs of your clients. The responsibility of our brokerage is to create a collaborative client environment in order to help our broker associates with your strategic and tactic plan. We help center our broker on being "on purpose", by using accountability partnerships, goal setting, and training. Our collaborative and professional culture allows you to work with other brokers in a team environment where we help each other be successful.

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Madison & Company Properties has a minimum standard of $3 million/year and 2 years of real estate sales.
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What our agents say about Madison & Company Properties

Chris Jackson, Greenwood Village Office

Madison isn’t only an incredible work environment for Brokers. Our staff love working at Madison & Company, where they feel continually appreciated and purposeful. Madison & Company values the well-being and happiness of their staff, and pushing them to be the best they can be. This leaves room for creativity within an environment of growth and challenge. It’s a company that strives to continually be better, and to bring on board people who can be part of this growth and betterment

Vanessa McClanahan, Cherry Creek Office

“Words can hardly express the gratitude I have for the opportunity to be a part of Madison & Company. I am surrounded daily by a team of true professionals who are POSITIVE, helpful, successful, and genuinely caring. The success of Madison is a true reflection of these characteristics.”

Gina Saab, RiNo Office

“Having been with Madison & Company from its earliest days, I can honestly say that I’ve seen us grow from a good little company to a great little company. Coming on when we were a tiny team of less than a dozen in one office, I knew that the foundation & mission of Madison was to have a group of consummate professionals that took this business seriously and performed at the top of their game. Seeing us grow from those early days to the amazing team we are today has been a pleasure. To watch us stay that great little company but grow to 4 offices with over 60 agents without loosing the original feel and mission of Madison & Company has been a source or pride for all of us.”